Case Study I.A.T.P.A

Have you ever suffered at the hands of an airlines who refuse to refund your ticket because of delays in flights?

Have you ever been charged absurd ‘penalties’ because you tried to cancel or make changes in your travel plans within 24 hours of the listed flight time?

Have you ever had your flight plans cancelled by the airlines because you did not fly on one leg of a multi-stop ticket?


Here are some cases IATPA assist to passengers, If you are charged by an airline with an unwarranted billing for no-show / flight cancellations / itinerary changes, send us the details. 

Case 1:
John parches 4 flight tickets to his family for Bangkok total cost of the tickets was $3500. After a month he found out his wife is pregnant and had to cancel the flights. John was charged for the cancelation $920 almost third from his original buying.
IATPA assist john to receive most of the money back from the airline company.  

Case 2:
Airline Company Transaero announce on October 2015 on bankruptcy. IATPA got many cases of passengers that order flight ticket through Transaero but in fact all flights were canceled and the passenger never got any refund.

Many Travel Agencies claimed that they don't have any responsibility for the refund of the client as they were not aware to the fact the airline is going into bankruptcy.  IATPA claims that travel agency is responsible to the passenger exactly the same way that airline companies are. And so they need to compensate all their passengers that was charged and never got return of payment. After long discussion with the special manager that is in charge on Transaero property in Israel one of the biggest travel agency in Israel decided to compensate 6000 passengers and return them there money.