Delta Ruling Number 19777-06-14

Delta Ruling Number 19777-06-14

Judge Ruth Lev-Har Sharon ruled in favor of the plaintiffs ordering Delta Airlines to pay them a 5,000 NIS compensation.  The ruling took place in the Tel Aviv district court after the plaintiffs and their attorney, Iftah Even Ezra served an objection against the Delta Airlines Company.

In May 2011, the plaintiffs purchased plane tickets to the United States for $5,000 for the following route:
From: Tel Aviv -> NY -> Washington - > San Francisco
From: Los Angeles -> Tel Aviv

Two months after purchasing the tickets, the plaintiffs requested to change the domestic flights. Contrary to IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards, the Deisenhaus office, where they had purchased the tickets, refused to change the route,  And gave them two options:

1.       Pay $800 per airline ticket for the changes
2.       Pay a $500 cancellation fine for each ticket purchased

During their stay in the United States in September 2011, the plaintiffs approached Delta directly in order to change their flights with them. Here too, the Delta office refused the request.  The plaintiffs decided to cancel their flights to Washington, but keep their flight to San Francisco. The plaintiffs did not ask for any compensation regarding their flight cancellation.

Delta refused the plaintiffs’ request explaining that if they cancelled the flights to Washington, all the other flights would be cancelled as well. The plaintiffs then filed a claim against Delta claiming that the airline violated Delta Rule #3.3.6 which states that all connecting flights would not  be canceled even if the passenger decides to forgo one of the connecting flights. Thus, the airline cannot force the passengers to take the flight.

At first, the Magistrate Court rejected the plaintiffs' claim.  However the plaintiffs appealed against the decision and Judge Ruth Lev-Har Sharon ruled in their favor, ordering Delta to pay the plaintiffs 5,000 NIS as compensation.

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