TIPS for dealing with No-Show situations and or flight cancellations

TIPS for dealing with No-Show situations and or flight cancellations


Here are some useful tips regarding how to manage no-show or cancelation of flight cases:

Passengers who know they are going to miss their flight/s, should inform the airline immediately and request they proceed in accordance with IATA rule No. 3.3.6.
  • Passengers charged with any extra fees should ask for the bill in writing
  • All telephone conversations should be recorded (a vocal recording). The airline representative should be advised of this in advance.  
  • Passengers with flight tickets of three stops and over should ask the airline company for a document confirming two things: 1.The flight itinerary,  2. That IATA rule No. 3.3.6 would be applied in case of itinerary changes, i.e.:  NO extra charge for itinerary alterations.
  • When making itinerary changes, make two phone calls simultaneously - one in order to inquire about extra charges while another person asks for the price of a new ticket for the same destination.
  • Keep a vocal recording of both conversations.
  • When purchasing return tickets, find out the airline's rules regarding missed flights.

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