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It was back in 2011 that David Malovani now 57, who has been a business consultant for over 30 years had a shock about what he considered an unfair practice by Delta Air Lines.

At the time, Mr. Malovani and his wife wanted to drop one leg of their multi-segment travel itinerary. They were quoted a total change fee of 1600 US dollars for two tickets, which cost them 2600 US dollars about eight months earlier. They objected to the fees and suggested instead to simply consider other arrangements and catch their return flight as planned. Mr. Malovani was all the more shocked when he was told that they would incur a no-show fee of 500 US dollars each, otherwise they would not be allowed to board their return flight home.

The case was since taken to court and Juge Ruth Levhar Sharon issued a verdict in favor of David Malovani. The court also ordered Delta Air Lines to compensate Mr. Malovani for the prejudice he was caused.David Malovani
Founder, International Air Transport Passengers Association (IATPA)

David Malovani has since reviewed airline ticketing rules issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is convinced that airlines are not playing by the book. In his opinion, the vast majority of airline passengers do not take the time to read those established guidelines, which air carriers are supposed to follow. Therefore, passengers are being taking advantage of. To Mr. Malovani, airlines are literally breaking the rules and are simply and easily getting away with that.

Fast forward to August 2015, David Malovani has incorporated a non-profit organization in the State of Delaware, USA in order to promote straightforward, simpler and more honest ticketing rules, to support passengers in case of legal dispute with airlines and to serve as a watchdog of IATA.

The International Air Transport Passengers Association (IATPA) has since coalesced more than 2000 people across 35 countries.

Finally, an IATPA delegation recently met with Jean-Louis Colson, Directorate General for Mobility and Transport and Giancarlo Crivellaro, Policy Officer Passenger Rights of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. Following that meeting, IATPA will be making recommendations to the European Union on how to improve air ticketing rules and will be acting as a counterbalance to airline lobbying.

Airline Profits interviewed Mr. David Malovani and Ms. Ifat Aharoni, respectively Founder and Online Marketing Manager of the International Air Transport Passengers Association (IATPA – www.iatpa.net) on January 27, 2016. You can read the full interview here.

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