IATPA Ambassador of Good While


IATPA (International Air Transport Passenger Association) is searching for goodwill ambassadors, one in every important area (big city/countries).

The candidate for ambassador will centralize IATPA activities concerning donations and drawing more and more IATPA vision supporters.

Till now, IATPA's founder was the first to invest resources and money in order to study IATPA rules and to try to make fundamental changes.  IATPA wants you to join its community actively to achieve an important target - 1 Million IATPA vision supporters.

In our opinion there is a "Grey Area" in the regulations that the public are unaware of, causing an unbalance between airlines companies and passengers. Our target is to be the foremost community to centralize those issues and lead to new era in flight travel. 

Initially, the ambassador will work on a voluntary basis.  Later, depending upon donations and the community's economic situation they will be remunerated.

IATPA's ambassadors must have good service awareness and interpersonal skills.

IATPA vision is:

  • To ensure reasonable and fair terms and conditions for flight tickets
  • To ensure that airline companies abide by IATA rules.
  • Modify IATA and airline companies' rules to benefit passengers

IATPA will review only application by registered  IATPA vision supporter –please send your CV and a recent photograph to email address: and we will get back to you ASAP.

IATPA Ambassador of Good While


# Name Country / State City Email Telephone Website
1Sikamani PurushothamIndiaHubliPurushotham.sikamani@gmail.com91-8123145226
2Muhammad Aqib
3Niamatullah Ehsan
4Ayesha shabbirPakistanPunjab
5Manendeamlak T.
6BLEZA C. MORENOPhilippinesManila
7Saba Zahid
8Mary Samir
10Saqib (0)