IATPA provides information and professional assistance for airline passengers:

  • To support them in "unfair" cases
  • to promote reasonable and fair terms and conditions for flight tickets
  • to ensure that airline companies abide by IATA rules

IATPA is endeavoring to create a worldwide professional network in order to implement IATPA's mission.  Most of the professionals will give their services on a volunteer basis, while some will be hired to represent certain cases in court.

Your donation to IATPA can help us broaden consumer awareness as well as provide essential support to passengers around the world in accordance with our Mission.

Please note that donations are deductible as a charity contribution for federal income-tax purposes.

Contact us If you wish to become a donor/ sponsor  and we will propose an exclusive benefit package for you.

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Table of Donors

# Name Country / State City
1אורן דוד פורישראלגני תקווה
2טניה ליטמנוביץIsraelNahariyya
3Igot KnopovIsraelAshkelon
4Tzahi ShetahIsraelKiryat Ata
5Tzur Raananמחוז תל אביבאזור
6Tzur Raananמחוז תל אביבאזור
7Tzur Raananמחוז תל אביבאזור
8מזל אברטישראלראשון לציון
9lilach hadarIsraelHaSolelim
10יוסי פיצ'וטוIsraelHolon