Why do we do this?
In contrast to other consumer issues, the aviation sector is still unequally controlled by the corporations (the airlines themselves) and still has outdated standards against consumers, standards that have disappeared many years ago in other area. Since this is an international field, courts are often concerned about rulings that will have global effects, and in fact, there is no global framework that supervises airlines from a consumer perspective. This brings to a situation in which airlines allow themselves restrictions towards consumers  that no other company in other area allows itself.
Why do we need your support?
As part of our efforts to improve legislation and promote aviation consumerism in Israel and around the world, it is important for us to show that behind our ideas are many supporters from all over the world who are fed up with the current situation and are interested in a real change in aviation consumerism!
How can IATPA help you?
If you have a problem with the airline and do not know if you deserve compensation, IATPA will give you advice to understand what compensation you are entitled to, if you are. If compensation is indeed due, our professional team will handle your case with the airline for compensation and refunds. IATPA has a highly skilled professional team that specializes in aviation laws and ensures that your inquiries will be handled as properly and professionally as possible. If the airline does not agree to give you compensation, IATPA may recommend that you apply for legal action against the airline, and will accompany the procedure to the end, with the help of its attorneys.
What happens if there is no compensation from the airline?
Even if no compensation is received from the airline, you will not be required to pay anything. Even if there are expenses as a result of the trial - IATPA will pay these expenses.
If I want to contact the airline alone?
Each passenger has the option of contacting the airline independently, but for inexperienced passengers it is a long and tedious process. It is important to emphasize that in many cases the airlines make it difficult for the passenger in terms of compensation - even in cases where compensation is due. Response times are very long, sometimes there is no response at all, and if compensation payment is received - in many cases it is much lower than the compensation amount due. When you open a case through IATPA, you take long hours of tedious business with the airlines off yourself and you significantly increase your chances of getting both compensation and the total amount of compensation due.
How long may the whole procedure take?
In our experience, airlines respond to letters within a few weeks to a few months. If agreement has been reached with the airline and the customer receives proper compensation - the proceeding ends. If an agreement is not reached and it is decided to go to court, the procedure will take several more months, since the waiting period for a hearing in Israel is usually several months.
Do IATPA Deal with Luggage Issues ?
No, IATPA, handles no-show /itinerary changes/flight cancellations ONLY.!!! 
How long is the timeframe for filing a complaint?
According to law, a request for compensation can be submitted to the airline up to 4 years from the date of the incident.
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