What is IATPA?
IATPA (International Air Transport Passenger Association) is a nonprofit organization based in Delaware, USA, founded for the benefit of airline passengers all over the world. IATPA's goal is to assist passengers in issues of unfair rates charged by travel agencies/airlines in violation of IATA rules.

IATPA offers its community legal advice regarding no-show cases in exchange for a token donation.  

In addition you can find tips on our blog about representing yourself in no-show issues.

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What are IATPA Goals?
Most of the airline companies cooperate in ways that give them an unbalanced power over passengers. In some cases, airline companies use this power improperly, and charge excessive fares.

IATPA goals are :  
  • To ensure reasonable and fair terms and conditions for flight tickets
  • To ensure that airline companies abide by IATA rules.
  • Modify IATA and airline companies' rules to benefit passengers.
How can I be IATPA Ambassador ?
IATPA is searching for goodwill ambassadors, one for every major location (big city/countries).

Their job is to centralize IATPA activities concerning donations and recruiting
ATPA vision supporters.

Initially, the post will be voluntary.  At a future time, depending on donations    and the community's economic situation, the ambassador will be remunerated

If you share IATPA's values, and are interested to join, our only requirements
are good service values and appreciation of our cause.       

IATPA will review applications of registered IATPA vision supporters only–Please email your CV and a recent photograph to: career@iatpa.com and we will get back to you ASAP.

How can I join IATPA Vision Support ?
Simply by Clicking on "Vision Supporter" on out main tool bar you may leave         your name and address and join our vision to make a real change! 

How can I volunteer to be IATPA Attorney ?
IATPA is searching for volunteers - Attorneys who are experts in Consumer & Aviation Laws around the world, especially In North American and Europe, to provide                             honest, professional and effective advice.

IATPA may select attorneys from among its volunteers to represent special cases in court. IATPA will pay these attorneys for providing their services.

Attorneys – Volunteer your pro bono services.

IATPA vision is:
  • To ensure reasonable and fair terms and conditions for flight tickets
  • To ensure that airline companies abide by IATA rules.
  • Modify IATA and airline companies' rules to benefit passengers
IATPA will advertise the attorney's name on its websites – we believe this will lead          to future opportunities & advantages for our volunteers.

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What is Changing Flight Route ?
When a passenger wishes to alter his itinerary and willing to pay for the change, the airline companies charge a fare which is significantly higher than the fare of a newly bought ticket, taking advantage of the fact that the passenger has no other choice.
For Example: Lee bought a flight ticket to NY via Sweden for $1200.  Two days before his flight, he decided to go to Amsterdam instead. The airline company charged him an additional $400, while his friend Suzanne bought a ticket to Amsterdam for $1200 on the same day, meaning the difference Lee was required to pay was too high.  
Another example:

"Extremely angry right now with this airline. We had a flight coming from Cabo with connection in Texas. They gave us 50 minutes to go from one plane, pick up our bags, check-in the bags and make it on time for the next flight. One of the shortest lines in the airport took 40 minutes. How is that even legal? How can they do this to customers? After that they would not even accommodate us in a hotel for the night. Ohh yes their customer service rep just told us to write to the government that it was not their problem. I hate this airline. I Will never take it again. I recommend everyone to avoid it. This is a truly bad company. Fly American Airlines instead. Always have and will from now on. Big mistake flying with this company and their incompetent personnel".

"I live in Netherland and my mother came to visit me from Egypt. Unfortunately I booked her on a KLM flight (for the last time, never again with this company). Her flight was KL0554: Cairo (CAI) - Amsterdam (AMS) / Sun, 02 August 2015 at 03:30. At the check-in counter in Cairo airport, KLM staff told her, "Sorry the plane is full." She was surprised and asked if it was real plane or a bus! She was denied boarding due to the flight being overbooked, she was offered useless apologies and a ridiculous "compensation" of 75 Euros + a flightwith Egyptair that took off 10 hours later ! and a lame  "Sorry, that is all that  we can do."

IATPA Vision is to make sure her members would not be charged unfairly for such changes. 
Do IATPA Deal with Luggage Issues ?
No, IATPA, handles no-show /itinerary changes/flight cancellations ONLY.!!! 
What is IATA ?
IATA - the International Air Transport Association – centralizes and determines international Air regulations
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