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IATPA strives to see the aviation industry in a balanced way between airlines and passengers, as is the case today in most areas of consumerism. The airlines will operate according to a binding global treaty, which will be written and approved by neutral and impartial entities (and not by the airlines), will be supervised by an organized body and will be properly enforced by both world regulators and by Law authorities around the world.

Our Goals:

• Improving the legislation in favor of passengers regarding the terms of airline tickets in Israel and around the world, in particular:

Transfer of a ticket from passenger to passenger - to give each person the right to transfer his ticket to another person if he wishes, without any additional payment/nominal payment to the airline;

NO-SHOW - prohibit airlines from canceling the follow-up flights ordered on the same ticket if the passenger does not show up to one of them, provided that the passenger has notified of their non-arrival
for the specific flight;

• Making the International Convention (IATA Laws) binding.

• Adding laws to the benefit of the consumer and clarifying existing laws in the IATA Convention.

• Proper supervision of airlines by the authorities.

• Raising awareness of the issue of aviation consumerism among passengers.


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Goal A

To ensure reasonable and fair terms and conditions for flight tickets

Goal B

To ensure that airline companies abide by IATA rules

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Table of signatures

# Name Country / State City
1Aviv CohenIsraelShoham
3Vitor OliveiraBrazilRio de Janeiro
4Nataliya Poleva VietnamAn Nhơn District
5Olga RatanovIsraelPetah Tikva
6Venkat PilliQatarMozambique
7Remy CHABALFranceToulouse
8Rocío Contero GiraldoSpainSevilla
9Juan Ramón NoyaSpainMadrid
10Xiaojie ZhanspainMadrid
11Lukas PedrosaBrazilMinas Gerais
12Ashwani AcharyaIndiaNoida
13Julián Peral GonzálezSpainSevilla
14Bogdan BilinskyConnecticut , United StatesNewington
15Thorsten WeheGermanyBücken
16MIGUEL LOPEZ EcuadorManta
17Hassan KelkasUnited StatesOttawa
18Alberto Fernandez CanoSpainVitoria-Gasteiz
19Brian HaleUnited StatesSeattle
20Aline MouraBrazilPará de Minas

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Countries join IATPA vision

Countries join IATPA vision
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IATPA vision supporter
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